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Elkar Casting operates in the production of sprinkler and drip irrigation components, and PVC pipe welding machines.

Our company has been producing a lot of products with its experienced and qualified personnel for more than 25 years.

Our firm aims at increasing the number of products in the future together with our personnel without compromising the quality.

Our main products are beet type pumps, sprinkler lombardini pumps, sprinkler casting parts, water motor centrifuge, drip irrigationcomponents, manual and pneumatic PVC pipe welding.

Our company enhances its status as a demanded and remembered brand and continues its development through being a “leader” instead of being a “follower”.

Our firm has adopted the principles of trust and quality both within the firm and outside of the firm, and it has been the advocate and implementer of this vision all around Turkey.

Our company always aims at doing its best and increasing customer satisfaction through meeting its commitments on time and without any errors via the necessary materials, knowledge, personnel and equipment.

Our firm’s main objective is to offer thorough solutions as a contractor.

Our company thoroughly fulfills any commitment in any category including planning, design, production and assembly.

Abdullah ELHAN

Chairman of the Board